Extracts an SVG with accompanying styles from an HTML document and allows to download it as an SVG or a PNG file

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SVG Crowbar Library

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A standalone 3.5Kb JS client library based on Chrome bookmarklet.

The library provides functionality to trigger a download of a given SVG file having all the styles inlined, to make it look the same when opened independently from the original HTML page.

It is also possible to use this library to convert an SVG to a PNG before downloading.


import downloadSvg from 'svg-crowbar';



import { downloadPng } from 'svg-crowbar';

downloadPng(document.querySelector('svg'), 'my_svg', { css: 'internal' });

The downloadSVG/downloadPNG functions each have three arguments:

downloadSVG(svgElement, [filename], [options])
downloadPNG(svgElement, [filename], [options])


Thanks to @richardwestenra there’s UMD bundle available in the package: simply add

<script src="node_modules/svg-crowbar/dist/main.js"></script>

to get downloadSvg and downloadPng global function.